True North Awakening


A Beautiful Gift

I was given a beautiful gift recently. As you may or may not know, I am a Medical Reiki Master, and one of my offerings is to provide Reiki to those at the end of life in the hospice setting. I have shared Reiki with over one hundred people at the end of life and …

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River Glitter

As I look back at my life, I recall certain events that were transformational, like a time stamped in my heart reminding me how precious life is. I am often in awe when I hear a quiet voice within telling me to “Pay Attention, This is Important,” reminding me to pause and fully immerse myself …

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I have been thinking a lot lately about hope. I think about so many times that I have felt hopeless and looking for direction in my life. Feeling so deeply sad about all of my personal losses that piled on so quickly that I felt as if I was drowning in a hopeless state of …

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Just Breathe

I have been thinking a lot about breathing lately.  It’s just one of the many things our amazing bodies can do without any effort on our parts. We go to sleep every night knowing that our bodies will continue to take slow deep breaths and our hearts will continue to beat, sustaining life for one …

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Sweet Reminders

I keep getting sweet reminders recently how precious life is. I spent the afternoon with 3 elderly men, all in their 90’s. Each of them unique and special in their own way. One in particular, was describing his love that he had lost fairly recently. They were married nearly 70 years and he shared how …

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Lean In

I have been caring for a woman for the past few weeks who is terminal. She is vibrant, brilliant and an independent trailblazer in both her career and personal life. Her smile can light up a room and her sense of humor makes me blush sometimes, secretly wishing that I could be as half as …

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