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Who is Christine?

She is a mother, wife, nurse and friend that found her life’s calling as an End-of-Life Doula, Reiki Master and Intuitive.

Christine has been a caregiver since she was young, starting out as a young teen, taking care of an elderly woman with dementia. Providing respite care while her daughter, who was her primary caregiver, could take the much-needed breaks she deserved for taking care of her mother 24/7. “I loved taking care of this woman, we sang old gospel songs together, drank tea and ate cookies while listening to her stories of early childhood. She helped me grow as a person and see that the value of time, of spending time listening was a beautiful tool for connection.”

After graduating high school, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant, where she cared for hundreds of people. Oftentimes holding hands of the patients who were actively dying, when family members were not able to be present. She considers being present at the end of life for someone as being the highest honor and a truly sacred gift.

Christine became a licensed vocational/practical nurse in her early 20’s as an oncology nurse. She fell in love with caring for her patients and their families.  Later on, in Christine’s nursing career, she transitioned into a clinic nursing job that was more cohesive to her family life. Helping people and their families navigate the unknown waters of end of life has been her greatest calling and she is grateful to be able to support those now who are willing to allow her to bear witness to such a sacred final rite of passage. 


“Caring for people at that stage in life is an honor, one that I will always be grateful for the experience. It is when we deeply connect with those are facing their own mortality, do we learn about truly living”

Ever since she was a child, she always felt sensitive to others energy and could almost “feel” their suffering and felt the need to help them during these difficult times. “It was hard to manage the information coming through, as I was just trying to take care of the physical needs of the patient, but knowing that there was emotional and spiritual suffering for the person was something I was wanted to support as well.”

Her father passed away several years ago, due to a short illness that shocked the family. Christine did not leave his side and was present at his passing at a hospice unit. He later came to her in a dream-like state, reassuring her that he was alive and well in spirit, giving her so much comfort knowing that he was with his loved ones who had passed before him. She has since received many messages from her heavenly family, including her mom and grandmother who passed away recently. “The messages that I have received from other mediums, and my own connections and communication with my loved ones, have given me so much peace and understanding that we truly do survive death and that we are loved and supported by our loved ones on the other side.”

After the visitation from her father, she began exploring her own intuitive gifts and seeking answers for her own spiritual growth. She had a curiosity about energy healing, but it wasn’t until she developed some physical problems that prevented her from working as a full-time nurse, that she was forced to be still and move inward to self-exploration. She began exploring Reiki as a way to heal herself, wanting to help the physical symptoms she was experiencing, but discovered she healed in ways that were completely unexpected, including the emotional and spiritual body.

Christine began exploring her own intuitive gifts and set out on her own healing journey. She realized that we are more than just our physical bodies, we are beautiful spiritual beings having this human experience. 

“I love helping people in a more holistic way, helping to guide their own healing journey at whatever stage they are at. Healing can occur at any stage of life, even at the end of life. We only have so much time on this beautiful planet and we need to make each moment count while we are here. Helping to guide someone along this journey is a gift. I have had the honor to walk beside many people on their healing journey and have held space for many and their families at the end of life. I have been blessed in many ways, but helping people is a gift that I treasure the most.”

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