True North Awakening


Intuitive Session

“I had an amazing intuitive session experience with Christine. She is kind and thoughtful with her questions and allowed me to take the time I needed to really connect with what she saw. I was able to leave with much clarity about my parents’ passing and how much love she shared she felt from them. Answers to questions too long-awaited were answered. I am looking forward to having another insightful session soon.”


“The reading that I had with you was spot on with Christine. I was able to put some questions to rest afterwards. The people that I was able to connect with was a breath of fresh air knowing now that all is good. I was brought to tears of joy! Thank you again Christine!”


“Embarking on a journey with Christine is akin to walking hand in hand with an angelic spirit filled with light, love and compassion. Her commitment to integrity as well as supporting and helping others is fully experienced in her intuitive readings and also in her healing. I continue to utilize Christine as she has a wonderful gift of knowing and sight and provides solid understanding and direction. I highly recommend Christine without hesitation.”


“I received a intuitive reading from Christine by phone. She was incredibly accurate with the information she provided. She was able to communicate with my grandmother and uncle and provided evidence of them that was undeniable to me. I received many messages from my loved ones and I truly feel at peace knowing that they live in spirit. You will love receiving a reading from Christine. You will find your grief soothed by her warm and caring voice, and your heart opening, as she relays evidence and messages from your loved ones who are now in the spirit world.”


“I just wanted to Thank You for your reading. I truly enjoyed the experience. The environment was warm, soothing and inviting. Your sweet calming voice, left me very comfortable and open to let spirit come through. All of the things that came through, were quite unexpected. Most were for my mother and when I shared the messages with her, she was excited to know her family still watches over her. I Love how they wanted to share memories. It truly shows that our loved ones are never really gone. Looking forward to meeting with you again. Thank You.”


“Christine was spot on. She made the grieving process easier in a way nobody else could. I’ve had several readings with her and have heard from many loved ones and one very special angel that comes to say Hi every time. She is simply amazing!”



“I received a distance Reiki session from Christine. I felt a tremendous amount of peace during the half hour she sent reiki healing to me. Afterwards, Christine followed up with me to discuss the healing, address any questions or experiences I had, and shared information she received during my healing which included soul messages, chakra information and support for moving forward with my healing. Christine is wonderful to work with. You will find her friendly, caring and truly genuine in wanting to help in any way she can.”

-Kelly B

“I really wasn’t much of a fan of Reiki until I had my first sessions with Christine. Wow! So personal and awakening because she took the time to pull a spiritual card before. My needs were totally met as I could feel the warmth of angels as I spoke with both my parents. It was an absolute beautiful experience. I have had 2 other distant sessions, because of the COVID requirements. I also had the experience of traveling to release past experiences! I was so impressed that Christine called me after, and we were able to share our experience together.”