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The Gifts of Contraction and Expansion

The Gifts of contraction and expansion

I have been thinking a lot about expansion and contraction lately.
I never really understood it fully until recently, mostly because I have experienced both in the past week.  The process of moving between the two can be uncomfortable, to say the least, but boy does it feel good to be back in an expansive state.
Pain can be a powerful motivator to propel you forward.  I have been having knee pain which is new for me and I do not do well with pain in general.  I get grumpy and start feeling sorry for myself, thinking that the pain will never go away.  Rest, ice and ibuprofen have been my constant companions. Reiki is also my constant companion, like a pilot light that stays lit within me, healing things that are hidden from my sight.  Grateful for all of my tools.
It is slowly getting better as is my attitude, ironically.  I was getting a clear message to slow down sister, the body does that for us when we stop listening to her.
One of my favorite sayings that I often use when I am in that contracted state is  “Hold your face up to the light, even for the moment you cannot see”.  
I am so grateful for those gentle reminders.
If you are feeling contracted right now, I encourage you to rest, eat nourishing food, drink lots of water and take a nice walk outside, nature has a way of feeding our soul.  Give thanks for the journey because it won’t always be this way, I promise.
If you are feeling expansion right now, enjoy the ride my friend.  It is such a gift.  Allow yourself to experience it fully and with a heart of gratitude, may the blessings continue to shine upon you. 
I have come to realize that they are both blessings,  I can’t know joy and freedom without feeling the pain sometimes. I still don’t like it but am becoming friends with her.  Leaning in, once again and I find my center.
My wish for you is that you find peace in whatever stage you are in.
It’s all perfect.  You are perfect just as you are.