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What is a Soul to Soul Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive readings vary greatly and each Intuitive has their own unique style and approach. Christine prefers to call her Intuitive readings as Soul to Soul Readings because she helps to create a sacred space, opening with a healing meditation and allowing time to explore the world through a different lens. Each session is unique to each person, affording an opportunity for self-discovery and self-empowerment, which should be made available to each person who embarks in this sacred space.

Soul to Soul readings are intended to gain deeper insights into a better understanding of oneself and to point her clients towards their own intuitive gifts and to empower their own inner-knowing. We are all beautiful, intuitive, spiritual beings, having a human experience. Helping to guide and empower her clients to heal, find joy and move towards their best lives in a deeper and more meaningful way is her wish for you.

No matter what brings you to Christine’s safe space, she only asks that you come with an open mind and open heart.

Please contact Christine to set up your  Intuitive appointment.

Christine's Intuitive Gifts

True North Awakening - Psychic Medium Christine, James van Praagh School of Mystical Arts - Certified Apprentice Medium logo“I have had this ability since I was a child but wasn’t ready to truly accept this gift as I was busy being a mom, wife and caregiver. It wasn’t until my father passed away several years ago that I had a visitation from him in a dream-like state. I began exploring energy medicine and other intuitive classes that really opened me up to the possibility that the visit I had with my dad was real and undeniable and that he was alive and well on the other side. I just couldn’t ignore it anymore and I found an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort knowing that he and my heavenly family were there supporting me on the other side.”

It has become very evident to me that we all have access to connecting with our spiritual family.  We are all connected and can access their love and support at any time if we are open to it.” Curiosity and openness are essential to this experience.  

Everyone has their own personal reason that brings them to see Christine. Some have a curiosity, perhaps questioning their own intuitive gifts. Many are looking for a connection with a loved one who has passed while others are seeking guidance in their lives.

What to Expect?

The sessions typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please respect Christine’s wishes of honoring this sacred time free from distractions of cell phones and/or other electronic devices.

What to Bring?

Before arriving for your appointment, be sure to write down any questions you may have.

Please bring a notepad to write down notes or a recording device as many individuals like to replay the session at a later date.  Information may become more evident with reflection and time.

Intuitive Reading $150 – In person or virtual session (approx one hour)